Seasunrally, 25 years of history

Who are we ?

Who are we ?

Dear historic rally enthusiasts, welcome to our site.

Lovers of vintage cars, in 1996 we created an A.S.B.L which aims to organize, from Belgium, international regularity rallies for vintage vehicles.

We are therefore organizing a somewhat special type of trip that allows you to combine the passion of driving these beautiful cars with the pleasure of discovering the landscapes and cultural riches of the regions crossed, all embellished with a zest of sportiness because certain portions of the routes must be traveled at an average of 50 km / hour, no more and no less.

This kind of event, endowed with an undeniable capital of sympathy in the eyes of the general public who takes great pleasure in admiring the passage of these old cars, is governed by the FIVA (International Federation of Old Vehicles) dependent on the FIA ​​and to which our ASBL is affiliated.

The name of our site ‘SeaSunRally’ is no coincidence: our favorite region for organizing our events is the magnificent Mediterranean Basin, this beautiful part of the world where the sun and the diversity of cultures are always there …


In 1997 and 1998, with the help of the Tunisian Tourist Office, we organized a tour of Tunisia in a vintage car:

During each of these editions, a good fifty crews discovered this country during a journey of nearly 2000 km in 12 days; with complete satisfaction if we are to believe the enthusiastic opinion of the participants and the press.

Encouraged by this welcome, we continued our efforts and, in more than one way, the cultural riches of Sardinia and Corsica, their magnificent landscapes and their relief drew our attention.

“LE RALLYE DES ÎLES” was born and developed over the years.

Gentlemen Driver

Friendliness, “gentlemen driver” spirit and rigor of organization are the key words that allow us all, participants and organizers, to spend magical moments in the countries we cross behind the wheel of our beautiful and good “old” machines in completely safe.

Our events are aimed at all lovers of vintage cars built between 1925 and 1975: 50 years of the most beautiful creations in automotive history!

If you decide to join us at our next event, we already wish you a journey full of discoveries, friendships and the pleasure of driving our beautiful cars.

25 years of history and archives